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Paris terror attacks: US, world must adapt to new face of terror, get serious about security

The Paris massacre is just another example of the new normal in the West. It’s radical Muslim extremists attacking civilians — either randomly or in revenge for alleged insults to Islam — all in the name of religion. A lone gunman opened fire in the Canadian Parliament. A fanatic self-styled radical imam gunned downed people in an Australian coffee shop. A recent Muslim convert gunned down and beheaded co-workers in Oklahoma. Now initial reports indicate that two or three black-hooded


As relations with Cuba thaw, US must check Russia, China military interests

President Obama’s decision to open relations with Cuba was the right thing to do — but not for the reasons he gave. As usual, the president could n’t resist the temptation rise above petty criticisms of his predecessors’ “failed policies” to justify his unilateral action. But he’s missing the point. It’s not about correcting past mistakes, it’s about avoiding future ones. The United States cannot allow our adversaries to once again dominate Cuba. We keep hearing that Cuba is woefully


Independence for Scotland? It’s my heart vs. my head

by K.T. McFarland I admit it. I’m not a Scot, but like so many Americans, I’ve had a lifelong love affair with Scotland. My husband is Scottish-American, two of our children went to Scottish universities and we take annual vacations in Scotland. My husband collects Scotch whisky, we wear McFarland tartan kilts and we celebrate Hogmanay. Even the golf course we play on was copied from one in Scotland. So, while I can’t vote in this week’s referendum, I feel


Obama’s ISIS plan = America’s third Iraq war

by K.T. McFarland President Obama has laid out his plan for defeating ISIS in the Middle East. It was a strong sounding speech on Wednesday night, well argued and touched all the right points. But it had two glaring shortcomings: there was nothing about homeland defense, and there was no mention of Plan B, if Plan A fails. Maybe the president does have a plan for a beefed up homeland defense in light of the new ISIS threat, and just


ISIS hounds of Hell unleashed: How US can stop them

Picture-ISIS releases video of beheading 8.20.14

The Gates of Hell are open and the Hounds of Hell let loose. They are raping, torturing and beheading their way through Iraq and Syria, killing everyone who stands in their way – Americans, Christians, even their fellow Muslims. We can’t negotiate with them, or buy them off, or contain them. They cannot be rehabilitated or intimidated. They must be stopped in their tracks and killed. Evil doesn’t disappear with benign neglect; it grows, expands and is emboldened. The question